Testimonials and Media

“Darlene helped clarify the flow of language on my professional website, while cleaning up various grammatical and syntax challenges. Darlene’s insight, creative drive and experience helped me launch a site that I am proud to call my own. I would not hesitate to recommend Darlene’s services to anyone needing an experienced editor with an eye for all the important details.” Lew Humiston, Humiston Investigations 

“Although Darlene has not physically critiqued or edited any of my work, she has been a great support and inspiration as well as a good friend. She is part of my brain and is always there when my characters are being difficult or I’m stuck on a plot point. She has helped me stretch my horizons and see beyond the box of my mind. With her help and friendship my stories have reached heights that they may have never reached. Inspiration, butt-kicker, friend, supporter are all words that only begin to describe all that Darlene Reilley has done for me.” Chris Weigand, Palace of Twelve Pillars

The Wang Center at Pacific Lutheran University published one of my pictures in a course flier for the Makah Culture Past and Present course.

My blog, DarWrites, was mentioned in a post by blogger Diana at Connectionality.

The Puyallup Post printed an article about me.



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